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Irina Papuc

Chicago, IL


Short Bio My name is Irina. I am from Chicago, Illinois, but I constantly travel and strive to experience as much of the world as I can. I am the founder of Oddisay, a peer-to-peer marketplace dedicated to promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious goods, as I am also the Head of Outreach at Toptal, a Silicon Valley startup that serves as a network of the top web developers and designers in the world.

My Web Site Or LinkedIn Profile http://

Field of Expertise Big Data, Data Science, Analytics, Data Integration, Other

Professional Status Manager

Years of Experience: 10

Your Company: Toptal

Industry: Technology

Your Job Title: Head Of Outreach

How did you find out about Hadoop360? Through a friend

Interests: Networking

What is your Favorite Hadoop Website?

What other website do you recommend?

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Blog Posts
By Ahmed Al-Amir - Software engineer @ Toptal

When coming across the term “text search”, one usually thinks of a large body of text, which is indexed in a way that makes it possible to quickly look up one or more search terms when they are entere…
By Dallas H. Snider, Database Developer @ Toptal.

By now, you have probably heard of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), especially if you are data analyst or someone who is responsible for moving data from one system to anoth…
By Jeffrey Shamaker, freelance software engineer at Toptal.

Unlike traditional application programming, where API functions are changing every day, database programming basically remains the same. The first version of Microsoft Visual Studio .NE…
The Phoenix framework has been growing with popularity at a quick pace, offering the productivity of frameworks like Ruby on Rails, while also being one of the  fastest frameworks available. It breaks the myth that you have to sacrifice performance…
By Andrej Gajdos - Freelance software engineer at Toptal.

The concept of modularization is an inherent part of most modern programming languages. JavaScript, though, has lacked any formal approach to modularization until the arrival of the lates…